Internet radio Introduction

So-called "Internet radio" by definition is "A radio station transmitted via the Internet". On the radio station all the listeners at the same time are listening to the same song. If someone requested a song all listeners will hear this song.

This station doesn't have any DJ, all the songs on playlist are requested by users, or random played by the system when playlist is empty.

Q: What platforms does this Internet radio support?

A: In addition to using a web browser to listen to, any platform, whether mobile or tablet as long as there have an app which support SHOUTcast protocol will be able to listen to this radio station. For details, see Player Support List

Q: Can I play this radio station in public?

A: Not recommended. In addition to licensing issues, this station contain many "special song" in database. For your personal safety and reputation, please individual listening only.

Q: Why does the non-Japanese song hear?

A: This radio station is focus on animes, as long as the matter is concerned with animes, Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish, all comers.

Q: Why does the song heard is different from pages show?

A: Audio and playlists on website are mutually independent, so an error may occur after a long period of play.

Q: Can I skip a song? Why a song be cut?

A: This radio station doesn't have this function nor future. Most of them were mistaken for the song of the songs are already so. If it is determined that there is a problem, please go to "feedback" report the song name and playback time.

Q: Why the audio is choppy when listening?

A: Listen to this radio station bandwidth requirements for 24KiB/s, as long as the download speed can reach the speed it should listen normally. The actual transmission speed to server, refer to Download Speed Test(Beta)

Q: What can I do to help this this radio station?

A: You can...

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